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A National Heritage Foundation

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Little She Wolf
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The Purpose of this Organization
To assist and aid children of Native American descent, living on or
off the Reservation. By helping to advance their knowledge of
Native American Indian culture and history; teaching ecology
in order to affect the healing of Mother Earth, providing food,
clothing and medical supplies. Whenever and Wherever possible;
and other charitable, educational, scientific or religious activities
that may be approved from time to time.
NAICO qualifies as a non-profit organization under Internal Revenue Codes 501(c)(3), 509(a)(1), Section 170(b)(1)
public charitable organizations. IRS id number #582085326 NHF account number 5064

Compliments of Morning Star Outreach

Greetings Brothers and Sisters.
I am Little She Wolf Fears Nothing
Now I will guide you to the Hallway,.
If you will click on me I will lead you,
to the other rooms in the Lodge

Little She Wolf

Little She Wolf's Rite of Passage
Updated 11/07/01

We would like to welcome a new friend to our family.
Elvis The Voice - Andy Stankovich
Andy brings back many memories with his music.

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